Monday, October 23, 2006


Went to the annual airshow at my home base airport. I got to fly in a Huey in the door gunner's position- now I want to get my rotorcraft certification.

Some great routines, too- my favorite was a re-enactment of a Vietnam raid.

Saw not one, not two, but THREE HueyCobra gunships- two of which took part in the performance.

Saw a Caribou for the first time- great short-field performance.

Saw a Super Decatholon routine in which the pilot did an outside loop- way cool.

Other than the Huey flight, I have not been flying in about 5 weeks or so. Hope to get back in the air next Friday, if the weather is good.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Yeah! .30-30 Federal 170grn at Walmart for $8.50 per box! Brought 4 boxes the other day!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Hey, check this out

The Trunk Monkey

Don't you just want one?


I got my Tech-Sights. I had ordered them by snail mail, and they arrived pretty fast. I got the TR-100 sight (the one with the two arpetures). I also ordered a TS 220 Elevation adjustable arperture. I have not installed the TS 220 yet. I got them both to evaluate them, and it only cost $5 more. Seem to work pretty good, although I had a problem with the rear sight base lossening up. Use blue loctite, and you need a bolt buffer. I made my own from a piece of eraser. I used one of those long erasers that comes out of a pen-type click eraser. Did not cost me much at all. I have also installed an Eagle extended magazine release. Damn 10/22 is a money pit.

My college seems pretty gun-friendly. I have been invited by the Army ROTC department to try their M-16 Laser fire simulator, and learn how to dissassemble, maintain, and reassemble. I have some trigger time with an AR-15. This should be fun. They are also going to have a marksmanship team and show us their rifles and equipment. Way cool, and I can't wait.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Let's see what is going on...

Bled brakes, greased and changed the oil in the tractor and one of the vans, did some cleaning- just a typical Sunday down here...

Lawdog has an excellent post on the "combat mindset". Go check it out.

I have been having some problems with Blogger. Stuff not getting published, page not coming up. Sorry for the delays in updating. Hopefully, I will get it straightened out soon...